Not 100% sure how Bob Ross would feel about this trailer, but I imagine he’d be cool with it. He was pretty damn chill, and he had pet squirrels.

If you listened to the latest episode of the NEVER ENDING RADICAL DUDE Podcast, you would have a pretty damn good idea how I feel about the current state of the X-Men film franchise. In short, I’m pretty sure the DEADPOOL films are our best bet to see iconic versions of our favorite heroes. Admit it, Colossus looks pretty damn awesome in DEADPOOL. I can only hope that DEADPOOL exists in a completely different universe than the other films.If so, I would love to see a more iconic looking X-Men team, spandex and all, be introduced in one of these films. How cool would that be? Just go full 90’s and have fun with it. Bah, hoop dreams. Sometimes the easiest things are the hardest. Deep right?

Anyways, DEADPOOL 2 looks fucking awesome. And I’m sure Cable is going to steal the show.

DEADPOOL 2 lands February 14th, 2018. How sweet.

NEVER ENDING RADICAL DUDE Podcast Ep. 5 – Fox’s X-Men Film Franchise