The CW is completely entrancing me with its shared DC universe in the form of ARROW and FLASH. I look forward to those 2 shows more than anything else in my DVR each week. Ok, besides HBO’s THE LEFTOVERS…Watch that show! My point is, the FLARROW phenomenon is going strong and The CW recognizes this and is seeing if lightening can strike a third time in the form of yet another spinoff DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW. See what I did there…lightening strikes…Flash gained his power from….ahhh never mind you damn kids! Just watch the damn trailer. It explains everything.


DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW has already proven how cool it will be with the initial trailer, but something about THIS new one makes me all kinds of happy inside. We have a huge roster of familiar and new heroes (and villains!?), an epic storyline about time travel and other crazy ass sic-fi elements, and White Canary! There’s something about a character who has been resurrected twice that is endlessly entertaining to me. She’s been through a lot and the fun seems to be just starting. Labeling this “the poor man’s Avengers” would be a shame. So why did I just do it!? I don’t knoooooowwwww!

Here’s my advice. ARROW and FLASH make me so damn giddy because it’s so damn awesome. Watch ARROW until Flash shows up, then watch them as they aired and it will all lead up to LEGENDS OF TOMORROW and you will get the best experience possible out of this whole thing. Doing it any other way will be a disservice to your inner nerd. Trust me.

DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW premieres January 21st 2016 on The CW. You have tome to catch up.