Dark Horse

Recently Dark Horse teased fans with the image above along with the tagline “A New Universe of Terror Drawn to One World.”

Leave it to comics to provide fans the opportunity to smash together their favorite franchises into one happy little package without all those Hollywood negotiations and bloated production costs! The DC heroes have clashed with the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, the TRANSFORMERS have done battle with G.I. JOE and crew, and believe it or not we have even seen BATMAN duke it out with PREDATOR a few times. While there are many more mash-ups we could discuss, I think we should focus our attention on what Dark Horse Comics has in store for us in 2014!

The latest mash-up will have a build up much like what THE AVENGERS film franchise has done with its big superhero characters. Starting in 2014 we will see a new launch lineup of comics for ALIENS, PREDATOR, ALIENS VS PREDATOR, and (for the first time ever) PROMETHEUS.  These 4 new titles will serve as fresh jumping-on points for readers and will all exist within a shared sci-fi universe that will likely pave the way for some pretty epic stories and confrontations.

Much like past ALIEN and PREDATOR comics, these books will stay true to the film canon yet introduce a new cast of characters making it that much easier for new readers to get on board. So far we know who will be writing these books with Chris Robertson handling ALIEN, Joshua Williamson with PREDATOR, Christopher Sebela on ALIENS VS PREDATOR, and Paul Tobin tackling PROMETHEUS. Little else is known about this project so far, but all signs point to a huge crossover event sometime in 2014 that will surely please fans of each of these franchises.

While everything is a bit vague at the moment (including the image above with seemingly no recognizable characters besides the Predator), it looks like Dark Horse knows what they are doing. I for one am excited to see what all of these books will have to offer come 2014. Stay tuned.

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