I’ve been waiting for CUPHEAD for a very long time. It finally released today. Stop reading this and go buy CUPHEAD on Microsoft Windows or Xbox ONE. Bye…

Still here? You’re a damn fool! For the uninformed, CUPHEAD is a run and gun platform indie game starring cute-as-can-be Cupheads who romp around in a 1930’s inspired animated world. The game is developed by StudioMDHR. Basically the little dude (or dudes) fight waves of bosses to repay a debt he owes to the devil. Are you sold yet? If everything mentioned above hasn’t got you there yet, just watch (and rewatch) the above launch trailer. There you can soak in all the hand drawn awesomeness. This game is absolutely stunning on so many levels.

That’s basically it. I’m reminding you all to get on that digital storefront and buy this game. Thanks me later.

CUPHEAD is here!