A couple years back when it was announced that 21 JUMP STREET was going to get a 2012 repackaging in the form of a feature film many film fans were left scratching their heads. A lot of us wondered why anyone would revive a long dead property from the 80’s considering the target demographic of this new movie was probably unborn during the TV show’s heyday. I admit I was also puzzled and had doubts. Then I did a little research and learned it was directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller who were the two comedic gems that brought us CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS, a film I also had doubts over. How often are animated films funny and captivating enough for children and film dorks? Not often, but I was made to eat crow on those two instances. Sweet crow. CLOUDY and JUMP STREET both brought a light-hearted intensity to the comedy. I got on board the gravy train rather quickly.

Now that the trailer has hit for CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2, should I learn from past misteaks? Well, I don’t know because that dynamic duo is not back for the sequel! Instead we’ve got Kris Pearn (no previous writing or directing experience) and Cody Cameron (only other directing experience is OPEN SEASON 3) taking over the directors’ chairs. None of that tells us much so let’s go in with a clean plate, I mean slate, and see what they’re selling.


Shrimpanzee. Mosquitoast. Jelly Fish (made out of jelly sandwiches!) I’m the prime demographic for puns but even I’m not sure how this is going to turn out. The imagery looks promising and it would certainly look nice on the big screen. Whether the JURASSIC PARK II: THE LOST WORLD plot works is besides the point if the jokes and the visuals keep the movie flowing. Sad to see Mr. T (ROCKY III) leave the franchise but glad to have the underrated Anna Faris (LOST IN TRANSLATION, OBSERVE AND REPORT) back behind the microphone.

Will you “relish” it in movie in theaters or is the margarine for error too great? Write the release date down (September 27, 2013) in case you have a short attention spam!