WHAT.  NO. WHAT. STOP.  … i love you.

Marvel did it. They went and did it. They dropped the CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR trailer with very little warning.  After months of the internet collectively begging for something… a clip.  A teaser.  A glimmer… It finally happened.  Downey Jr and Evans smiled their way onto the Jimmy Kimmel set and blew the back out of the internet.  Lets get down to it, shall we?

Bare with me.  This is all happening right now and I know I am going to miss so many amazing things about this trailer and I’m typing really fast and my brain is racing and I don’t even think I need to be typing all of this…Wow. Look at me.  I feel like a school boy again.  I can still feel the sting from the nun’s ruler against my knuckles. FOCUS ESPINOSA. CA: CW is something of a throwback to an older Marvel storyline that saw Captain America and Tony Stark standing on either sides of the proposed ‘Superhuman Registration Act.’  Tony thought anyone with powers should unmask and register their identities/powers with the federal government.  Captain America did not feel the same.  They fought.  Lines were drawn in the sand. Both sides had valid points. It was a big mess. This movie seems to be pulling from the essence of that event.  Okay, lets see what we see, shall we?!

  • It starts off with the post credits scene from ANTMAN. Cap and Falcon have Bucky pinned down.  Bucky seems to have regained some of his memories. Congrats.
  • Who’s hunting down Bucky? Probably everyone.
  • Action. Action. Action.
  • This is cool.  William Hunt is reprising his role of General Ross from the 2008 Ed Norton INCREDIBLE HULK.  Yes, that movie actually happened.
  • Heroes? Vigilantes? This ain’t the wild west, son.
  • The ‘Sokovia Accords.’ Those must have been the ‘accords’ Falcon was squawking about.
  • Did CAPTAIN AMERICA always have that ‘A’ on his helmet?
  • Oh.  Hello, IRON MAN.
  • Yep.  Looks like Stark and Rogers are standing on opposite sides of a much larger philosophical debate regarding the monitoring and control of super individuals.
  • I’m pretty sure we just got a glimpse of Crossbones.
  • Looks like it’s Iron Man and War Machine vs Hawkeye, Bucky, Cap and Scarlet Witch. But… You’re all friends!!
  • What. BLACK PANTHER! Where the hell did you come from? I mean, besides Wakanda?
  • ‘Flughafen Leipzig – Halle’ is painted on the side of a truck.  Someone tell me what that is.
  • Looks like Rogers picks Bucky over Stark.  ‘I thought we were friends?’  … ‘We are, Tony.  But, like… work friends.’
  • The trailer ends with the WINTER SOLDIER and CAPTAIN AMERICA DOUBLE TEAMING IRON MAN. That’s something I just said.
  • Huh. No mention of SPIDER-MAN. That’s fine.  It’s fine.

That trailer was amazing. I’m pumped. Here we go again.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6 2016