Activision/Sledgehammer Games

Being a “gamer” and being a “CALL OF DUTY” fan seemingly gos hand in hand these days, but I have to admit, I never really jumped onto the bandwagon until I played CALL OF DUTY: GHOSTS on my Playstation 4. Wha wha whhhhaaaaat you say!? While many gamers who have been playing these games for years (or since MODERN WARFARE) grew bored with GHOSTS, I had an absolute blast with the campaign. Sure it’s short, easy, and basically a summer blockbuster film that you can play, but dammit that’s just fine sometimes. And if I have not offended you enough by admitting I never really liked these games before, I definitely don’t have fun with their online multiplayer modes that are basically the reason most people buy these games. I just don’t have the time to blast away faces for hours when I could be enjoying 10 other games I am eager to get my hands on. But that’s a post for another time.

Anyway, the CALL OF DUTY franchise is coming at us again this year in the form of CALL OF DUTY: ADVANCED WARFARE by Sledgehammer Games and Activision. While some may argue that Infinity Ward (GHOSTS) makes the best CoD games, I’m willing to give this next iteration a shot due to this surprisingly awesome trailer featuring the likeness and voice of a menacing Kevin Spacey! So cool! Take a look for yourself:


Wow this game looks far in development. I never heard of this game until this trailer hit and I must admit it looks impressive. And why does Hollywood and the industry love blowing the shit out of the Golden Gate Bridge so much!? Whatever. As a resident of San Francisco, it’s pretty cool watching the bridge I drive over often being the centerpiece for so much destruction and chaos. And this trailer really was focused on fans of the story mode and it looks like a lot of detail and attention is being put into the story to warrant a purchase from me. And who knows, maybe I’ll dip my balls in the multiplayer section a little deeper this time around and see what all the overpriced fuss is about.

CALL OF DUTY: ADVANCED WARFARE blows the crap out of the Golden Gate Bridge on November 4th 2014.

And in case you missed it: