According to a press release posted on, The LAST JEDI director Ryan Johnson has been hired to write and direct the first film in a brand new STAR WARS trilogy. Most interestingly, the new trilogy will not be part of the numbered “Skywalker” series. That’s right, we are about to get a new trilogy set in an undefined time and starring and undefined cast. The speculation for this thing is going to be off the charts until we get more information.

You can check out the entire press release HERE

It’s still not 100% clear if Disney is ditching the “Skywalker” films moving forward. For that matter, it’s not clear if they are ditching the “A Star Wars Story” films either. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we got all the above. I think people need to get use to the idea of more than one STAR WARS film per year. Marvel does it with their superheroes, so why not STAR WARS? While I am skeptical, I can’t deny the potential.

Sorry to report that your brain is just going to have to deal with this one until new details emerge.

One thing is clear…Disney likes Ryan Johnson.