AMC, or should I say the Los Pollos Hermanos Youtube channel, has reveled a new commercial heading towards the third season of AMC’s BREAKING BAD prequel series BETTER CALL SAUL.

I’m pretty sure the above video speaks for itself.

Besides my sudden urge for some curly fires, this new tease has me extremely excited to see the new season of BETTER CALL SAUL. Seeing Gus in his prime is going to be epic. While this tease is a little spoileriffic, we need to all keep in mind that this is a prequel series and we already know the fates of all the main players. Like saying “the Titanic sinks!” or “Darth Vader is Luke’s father!“. I think you catch my drift.

I was a bit skeptical of BETTER CALL SAUL at first, but it has since proven to be a pretty spectacular show earning its place next to BREAKING BAD on my overstuffed DVD/Blu-Ray shelf.

BETTER CALL SAUL Season 3 returns to AMC in February 2017. Stay tuned!