Filming for the J.J. Abrams (SUPER 8, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3) directed movie STAR TREK 2 (tentative title) is set to begin in early 2012 and casting news is starting to heat up! It has been confirmed that Benicio Del Toro (THE HUNTED), Alice Eve (SHE’S OUT OF MY LEAGUE), and Peter “fucking Robocop” Weller (ROBOCOP Series) have all been cast in unidentified roles in the upcoming sequel.

It traditional Abrams fashion, the roles are being kept under tight wraps. It is speculated that Del Toro has been cast as a lead villain who many nerd believe to be the fan favorite Khan. While Abrams has officially rejected that rumor, it could be a ploy to derail fanatics and their expectations. Eve is said to be playing a completely new character to the series and it is not clear what role Weller will be taking on at this moment. I know it’s frustrating to hear all this juicy news with little details, but you can rest easy knowing we will inform you as soon as it becomes available.

Until then let the speculation begin! Who do you think these actors will be portraying? Sound off in the comments below.

STAR TREK 2 is scheduled for release May 17th 2013. Too long of a wait if you ask me.