Holy crap this movie looks cool! I know I know, you thought the first one was crap (or refused to see it), you just loooove making fun of Nic Cage, and most of you already decided to not like this movie just because it seems like the “cool” thing to do. Well I say shut up and enjoy this awesome trailer for GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE directed by Mark Neveldine and brian Taylor (CRANK series) starring the always talented Nicolas Cage! The film also co-stars Idris Elba (THE LOSERS, THOR) who is fast becoming one of my favorite actors.

This trailer looks like the franchise has gotten a new lease on life. It really looks very cool and over the top just like a Ghost Rider movie should. The action looks completely awesome, the darker tone is perfect, and the Ghost Rider fire character effects look way cooler than the first movie. This movie just made it high atop my list of movies to look out for in 2012! Check out all the awesomeness in the trailer below! Just for the record, I really enjoyed the first GHOST RIDER film for what it was.

GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE opens February 17th 2012.