ARK: SRVIVAL EVOLVED / Studio Wildcard

I’ve always said if there’s one thing we need more of it’s DINOSAURS dammit!! Not just in real life but in movies, TV, games, and comics too! Good news for me because my wishes are coming true. Studio Wildcard has just released a new trailer for their upcoming open-world survival action game titled ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED and it looks absolutely stunning. I feel like this game was created just for me. Take a look at this trailer which included a crap ton of glorious gameplay footage!

Umm, freaking amazing-looking am I right!? While still a bit early in the development process (I think), ARK look stunning so far. Fighting off a T-Rex, training and riding a Stegosaurus, flying around on a Pterodactyl, running around naked surrounded by Dodo birds, and scorpions and dragons and bows and arrows and fortress building and and and…holy cow I’m having a weird ass nerdgasm at the moment…give me a second.

Ok, I’m back. My point here is that ARK looks like a blast and has almost everything I would want out of a game featuring dinosaurs. This game simply cannot come out soon enough. Put it on you radar now if you enjoy cool things like I do.

ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED is scheduled to arrive as a “Early Access” game on STEAM for PC and Mac in June 2015 with a full release hopefully in the near future after that. So far, it’s been confirmed for PC, Mac, PS4, and XBOX ONE.

Check it out over on Steam now and add it to your wishlist HERE.

And head on over to the official website HERE for more details as they emerge. Hopefully the upcoming E3 expo will shed some more light on this promising game.