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WARNING: ARROW and TWIN PEAKS spoilers aplenty…seriously.


What exactly happened Season 3?

I drank a bunch, and it was a long summer… so I can’t quite seem to remember. I do recall it being buckwild. Ending with Meryln (that fuggin’ magician) winding up being Ras al Ghul, and Oliver quitting his day job and running off with the secretary. I think I had some mixed feelings about the whole thing…

I stopped sweating it. But, that begs the question, where we at with four?

Short answer. Someplace good. 10/10

Long answer. I mean, if you are cool with spoilers…I can tell ya…

Soooooooo… a lot has happened since we have last left our heroes. Coming back from summer break we find Oliver Queen is officially living in domestic/suburban bliss with Felicity Smoake. One that involves omelette making, and naked kissing. Also, neighbors who talk about slow cookers. Which is unfortunate, and unfortunately real (Because slow cookers are totally awesome). Meanwhile, back in city, Diggle (or should I say Guardian) and Team Rest-of-Arrow are having a hard time. A real hard time. Thea, is now fighting crime, full-time. However, her death seems to be catching up to her. She’s got Pet Cemetery eyes from being up-all-night doing rails of Anti-Life. Which, while he isn’t showing it, is kind of bumming Diggle out. Digs is burning with frustration about his brothers death: that story is coming back in a big way. Plus, there’s this rising tide of highly-organized, suicidal Machine-Gun Kelly’s (set on rhyming and stealing) that proceeds to give Star City an ass paddling I haven’t seen since Dazed and Confused.
Canary winks at a child, so she’s actually doing pretty awesome.

Oh, and Starling City is now Star City. They re-named it after Ray Palmer “died” in a lab explosion. Remember that. It happened right at the end of Season 3…totally out of the blue, kinda reminded you of the Twin Peaks finale when Audrey Horne got blown up in the bank. Remember that? Doesn’t matter. They’re totally alive. Living in the world of the infinitesimal with Rick Moranis’s kids. You’ll see.

What’s left of the city leaders (remember, these cats haven’t had a mayor since Season 2/Episode 1) get together to try and solve The City’s mounting civic problems…only to introduce this seasons big-bad, Damien Darhk. Like Richard Dawson from the far side of the mirror, he walks in and gives everyone a fear boner and stealing the show. Declaring openly that he was going to destroy the city, and kill everyone in the room. Later, he kills everyone in the room. Things in Star City are looking real Ben Grimm. Rocky all over. The Team, despite trying to go it there own, have to get Oliver.
So, Team Rest-of-Arrow heads over to Arrow’s house (faux pas, it was right at dinner time) and are like “Dude.”And Arrow is like, “Really?”
Then Felicity jumps in with a, “Suburban life is boring.”And then Arrow is like “..uh…ok. Except I’m gonna do it legit, so call me …Green Arrow” As he goes on television and delivers a mic-dropping speech that is somewhere between Patton and Thin Lizzy’s “Boys are back in Town”. Somewhere in the middle of all that we find out Damien Darhk has voodoo/blood-magic powers, cuzz this season is gonna get hella witchy. Seriously, John Constantine (from the cancelled TV show CONSTANTINE) is in episode 5. Ending the episode with Detective Officer Captian Lance breaking my heart. Plus, a tombstone that we are all supposed to think is Felicity’s, but I think belongs to Diggle.

Oh, and so far this season’s back story included Hal Jordan’s boob. It was awesome.

No left turns.

Final Score: 10 out of 10

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