The X-MEN:  DAYS OF FUTURE PAST trailer is here!  Don’t waste anymore … time… and check it out!


How bout that?

Bryan Singer (X-MEN, USUAL SUSPECTS) has been brought back to the director’s chair to unite the two X-MEN franchises and hopefully wash the taste of THE LAST STAND out of everyone’s mouth.  He has united, almost entirely, the original X-MEN trilogy cast, with the new FIRST CLASS cast in a movie that spans two drastically different positions in time. A past where the seeds of a genetic war are just being planted and a future where the mutants are being killed off by giant robotic hunting machine’s called Sentinels.  It’s an all out timeline war and it looks pretty banana cakes.

Lets go through the trailer and see what little goodies we can discover!

Old Man Logan
One of the first images of this trailer is that of old man Logan.  It appears that his age has finally caught up to him.  Perhaps the effects of THE WOLVERINE have taken years off of his life or damaged his healing factor?

Also, It’s kind of crazy that Hugh Jackman is the first face you see in this trailer.  I guess Wolverine is the most recognizable face in these movies.

Storm doesn’t look too confident.  Perhaps danger is on the horizon?

Kitty and Iceman
It looks like Iceman and Kitty Pryde are still a thing…

Jealous Rogue
… And Rogue don’t seem to happy about it..  (Or maybe just deceptive editing?)

Glimpses of the Past

Xavier experiences some glimpses from the past.

Xavier warns Logan that the man he use to be is a lot different from that man he is today.   That Logan would have to do for him, what Xavier once did for Logan.  Basically, bring Xavier in from the darkness and set him on the right path. Throughout the trailer, Younger Xavier screams and fights against his destiny.

Iceman Magneto
Iceman and Magneto working together?  Things must be dire..

Here’s where we get the first glimpses of some new mutants introduced in the film.


Bishop.  It’s interesting to see Bishop in this trailer, because he’s known in the X Universe as the resident time traveler. Perhaps Fox is setting up their upcoming X-FORCE movie?  Also, notice his signature ‘M’ on his face?  Does this  mean that Bishop is from even further in the future?





Blink (My personal favorite).


It appears that the X-men travel to a temple to perform their time travel antics.  Also, these may be my favorite uniforms yet.

It is revealed that Logan is going to be sent back to the past  (well his consciousness is)  and will awake in his younger body. Xavier and Magneto tell him that he has to find their younger selves and convince them that their future is pretty friggin horrible.

New Cerebro
A rebellious Xavier is brought in to help.  Behind him is Logan and Beast.

This brings up some pretty big questions.  Beast is back in his human form, which means he can either control his appearance or is using some form of holographic inducer.

Also, the hallways seems identical to the hallways in the first X-MEN film.  Did Beast build all this by himself or did Xavier help before he went AWOL?

‘Humans and their guns.’  Magneto looking pretty hardcore.

In the earlier X-men films, Mystique seemed completely loyal to Magneto and his cause.  This trailer gives us glimpses of Mystique, seemingly, questioning the actions of the Brotherhood.

A dusty cerebro.  Xavier has been away for quite a while.

This movie supposedly takes place 11 years after the events of FIRST CLASS.

Young Xavier probes Logan.  Perhaps to see if he’s legit?  Perhaps Logan has some crucial information?  Perhaps there’s a message in there from Older Xavier..?

Logan sent back in time.  Apparently, it tickles.

The temple is under attack!  Also, our first glimpse at Colossus?

I won’t bore you with the next few seconds, but, we then get a few quick glimpses of the President Richard Nixon being hurried away to a secret bunker.  The scope of this movie is pretty big. The question is.. Is Magneto responsible for the attack on the White House or is Trask to blame?

It looks like Logan awakes in the past at a very awkward moment.

Adamantium claws.  Which would make sense in the timeline of the films.  THE WOLVERINE didn’t happen until 40 years later.

Savage Beast gives Magneto a little sip of fountain water.

It seem more likely that Beast is simply hiding his true form with an image inducer.

Trask appearing before some Congressional Committee.  It’s a very great shot and not to be under appreciated.  What Trask may lack in height, he makes up for with brilliance and ruthlessness.

Plus.. The stache’

The Mustache

Let that sink in for a moment…


Magneto versus Mystique. As I stated earlier, the drift between Magneto and Mystique seems a little contradictory to their history.  I can’t help but wonder if Logan’s arrival somehow altered their history?  Also, how is Magneto doing this?  And don’t say ‘iron in her blood.’


The final image of the trailer is Older Xavier having a chat with Younger Xavier in the temple.  Did Xavier leave a note for him in Logan’s mind or is Xavier able to bring his consciousness to the future for a quick chat?

Well, that’s it!  I’m pumped!

Fox seems to have taken a cue from Marvel that crossing their franchises is the best formula for success. And I couldn’t be happier!  Throw in a ‘end of credits’ Easter egg of Cyclops setting up the X-FORCE movie and I may literally die.

X-MEN:  DAYS OF FUTURES PAST opens May 23rd 2014

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