dc universe rebith Gary Frank and Brad Anderson

DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH, DC Comics / Art by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson


Written by Geoff Johns / Art by Gary Frank and Various

It’s time for DC to rebirth itself. Anyone interested in jumping in, or back in, to the DC universe should ply close attention. This is the most coherent and fun relaunch DC has ever done in my opinion. Sure I know and love a lot of DC’s iconic heroes, but man do the comics confuse the hell out of me sometimes. They are not very “casual reader” friendly and are often so muddled down by a dense and multilayered history that I just give up after an issue or two. DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH #1 really set up DC for new readers while not offending the diehards that have stuck with it over the years. I even discovered some unexpected emotional moments that had some true gravity. This is a great new beginning for DC and it has me looking forward to what’s on the horizon.

future quest DC Evan Shaner

FUTURE QUEST, DC Comics / Art by Evan Shaner

2. FUTURE QUEST #1 / DC Comics

Written by Jeff Parker/ Art by Evan Shaner and Various

Well shit, this was unexpected. DC just launched a new book featuring all the classic and iconic Hanna Barbera characters you know and kind of remember. But having a history with the like of JOHNNY QUEST or SPACE GHOST really doesn’t matter here because FUTURE QUEST is basically just a fun and epic sic-fi tale featuring a lot of likable characters. Sure die hard Hanna Barbera fans will find tons of fan service, but newcomers like myself will have a blast also. This was such a fun read and something I will surely keep up with. Good move DC.

poe dameron marvel Phil Noto

POE DAMERON, Marvel Comics / Art by Phil Noto

3. POE DAMERON #2 / Marvel Comics

Written by Charles Soule / Art by Phil Noto

What list wouldn’t be complete without a STAR WARS comic!? The new POE DAMERON ongoing series does it again with yet another amazing issue. Set just before the events of THE FORCE AWAKENS, we once again follow our favorite X-Wing pilot as he goes on missions for the Rebel leader Leia Organa. BB8 tags along, a cool new villain is introduced here, some FORCE AWAKENS background characters get fleshed out, and there is a sweet ass A-Wing scene in this issue. What more could a STAR WARS fan ask for. Keep doing what you are doing Marvel, your STAR WARS comics rule and POE DAMERON is shaping up to be one of the best!

aliens defianace dark horse Massimo Carnevale

ALIENS DEFIANCE, Dark Horse Comics / Art by Massimo Carnevale

4. ALIENS: DEFIANCE #2 / Dark Horse Comics

Written by Brian Wood/ Art by Tristan Jones

Hot damn I love me some ALIENS. The second issue in the new DEFIANCE comic is just loaded with ambiance and atmosphere. It really does feel like a living breathing ALIENS story. Hendricks and here rob companions are great characters that fit into the ALIEN mythos wonderfully and the Aliens themselves look and feel great here. For those thirsty for some Alien action set between the first two films, look no further. This is some of the greatest ALIENS stuff we have gotten for a long time.

weirdworld Marvel Mike Del Mundo

WEIRDWORLD, Marvel Comics / Art by Mike Del Mundo

5. WEIRDWORLD #6 / Marvel Comics

Written by Sam Humphries / Art by Mike Del Mundo

Aw WEIRDWORLD. How I love you so. Basically this is just a fun book that’s kind of set in the Marvel universe that lets writers and artists go wild with their imaginations. I love this series so much and all the wild and weird things we have seen throughout this series has been so much damn fun. It looks like the main series is done for now and I can only hope other books will visit this wonderful place from time to time. Artist Mike Del Mundo has, in my opinion, given us his best work during the 2 most recent WEIRDWORLD arcs. While the stories told have been wonderful, I could easily pick up this book each month just to marvel at the art inside. Goodbye for now WEIRDWORLD, it have been great! Pick up the collected volumes if you have never vacationed in WEIRDWORLD. You’ll be glad you did.

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