STAR WARS, Marvel Comics / Art by Mike Mayhew

1. STAR WARS #35 / Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron / Art by Salvador Larroca

Writer Jason Aaron has had one hell of a run on the ongoing STAR WARS comic book. He only has a few more issues left until a new creator takes over, and I will definitely be sad to see him go. It seems like Aaron is in the “bucket list” stage of his contract. With an end in sight, it appears he is doing more one-shot style issues featuring stories and characters he really wants to tackle. This issue is a perfect Han Solo tale following our favorite smuggler doing what he loves best. He’s tussling with Hutts, zooming around the Falcon with Chewie, and having some classic internal struggles as he discovers if he wants to be a Rebel or a smuggler…maybe both? Fantastic issue, highly recommended.

GENERATIONS: THE PHOENIX, Marvel Comics / Art by Stephanie Hans

2. GENERATIONS: THE PHOENIX #1 / Marvel Comics

Written by Cullen Bunn / Art by R.B. Silva

I’ve been enjoying Marvel’s ongoing Jean Grey book more than anyone probably should. While I’m still a bit unconvinced that the original time-displaced teen X-Men should be stuck in the current timeline, I think the silver lining here is Jean Grey. This young version is so damn appealing and interesting to me. And while it’s been a blast watching her discover “her” future and her untapped powers, it was nice to take a step back and have her interact with her adult self. If this all sounds confusing as hell, that’s because it kind of is unless you are knee deep in X-Men world. Newcomers may be a bit thrown, but at the end of the day, this one-shot was pretty damn awesome and makes me miss adult Jean more than ever.

DARTH VADER, Marvel Comics / Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli

3. DARTH VADER #4 / Marvel Comics

Written by Charles Soule / Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli

I’m having the time of my damn life with the new ongoing DARTH VADER book. This time around, we follow Lord Vader just moments after the credits roll in REVENGE OF THE SITH. Anakin has only been Vader for a short while now getting all cozy in his new getup. This new story arc follows Vader on a mission given by Palpatine to acquire a new lightsaber…you know that iconic red one. Vader must track down an ancient and powerful Jedi who survived the mass Jedi execution. It’s really fun watching Vader rise in power as he builds his reputation in the galaxy. Great stuff.

BLACK MAGICK, Image Comics / Art by Michael Lark

4. BLACK MAGICK #7 / Image Comics

Written by Greg Rucka / Art by Nicola Scott

BLACK MAGICK is a vey unique book. It follows a tough as nails detective by day who also happens to be a dark arts witch by night. Artist Nicola Scott delivers top notch black & white visuals featuring the biggest saddest eyes in the business, and writer Greg Rucka digs in as he fleshes out this completely mesmerizing universe. I feel like evil is lurking behind every corner just waiting to be reveled, and our main heroine is one tough cookie with some cool tricks up her sleeve when the time calls for it. If you haven’t picked up this book yet, get to it already.

DARK KNIGHTS METAL, DC Comics / Art by Greg Capullo


Written by Scott Snyder / Art by Greg Capullo

Don’t be fooled. This is not just a “Batman” book. It’s an epic “Justice League” book that is sure to echo across the whole DC Universe…Multiverse? DC’s Batman dream team is back with writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capulla giving it their all. While technically the 3rd issue in this mini-series, the first 2 being THE FORGE and THE CASTING, it still feels like setup. All the pieces are being played out and I have a feeling something huge is in store for our heroes. This is a series to keep an eye on, and it will be in the spotlight until it all concludes February 2018. There were a few missteps in this issue, like that Voltron thing, but overall it’s pretty intriguing stuff and I’m interested in seeing where it all goes from here.

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