weirdworld #3

WEIRDWORLD, Marvel / Art by Mike Del Mundo

1. WEIRDWORLD #3 / Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron / Art by Mike Del Mundo

Just when I think I’m sick of all of this SECRET WARS mumbo jumbo over at Marvel I remind myself that it is responsible for a handful of great books such as WEIRDWORLD from writer Jason Aaron. It’s obvious this man’s imagination is going wild and loving every second of it. While it definitely has it’s place in the Marvel universe, it really feels like its own thing. Plus I hear it will keep going after the SECRET WARS event concludes. That’s great news! If you haven’t picked this one up yet, get your fantasy loving, marvel buying, quality book loving behind to your local shop and nab it already! I can safely and wholeheartedly recommend this unique book.

star wars 8

STAR WARS, Marvel / Art by Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger, Justin Ponsor

2. STAR WARS #8 / Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron / Art by Stuart Immonen

Hey guess what title landed on my top 5 picks list again!? Yup STAR WARS. The force is stro….ok, I’ll spare you the countless Star Wars puns and references and just say you need to be reading this book. It’s putting together a lot of pieces between A NEW HOPE and EMPIRE, it’s really pushing the bar on how to make a book based on an already established property, and it’s just too damn fun. And for the expert reader, you’ll notice Jason Aaron took the #1 and #2 spot this month. Guess he’s a damn good writer. And artist Stuart Immonen hits it out of the park. A great fit for a great book. Read it.

oh killstrike 4

OH, KILLSTRIKE, Book! Studios / Art by Logan Faerber

3. OH, KILLSTRIKE #4 / Boom! Studios

Written by Max Bemis / Art by Logan Faerber

Oh OH, KILLSTRIKE why did you have to be a 4 part mini series instead of an ongoing title? I would love to visit this hilarious universe once a month forever. That said, I am so glad we got what we got. OH, KILLSTRIKE has most definitely been one of the best comic books I’ve read in a long time. It’s funny, it’s smart, it’s beautifully drawn, and it has oh so many memorable lines and panels. If you missed out on this with the single issues, be sure to pick up the inevitable trade paperback if you get the chance. Good stuff all around. And I don’t usually by comic books to laugh.

star wars kanan 5

STAR WARS: KANAN, Marvel / Art by Mark Brooks


Written by Greg Wiseman / Art by Pepe Larraz

Yup another STAR WARS book on my list…again…deal with it. KANAN is a much different beast than the other books because it explores a brand new character but is really fleshing him out. Disney and Marvel really love Kanan. He’s already the star of a TV show, was the main character in a novel, and has his on ongoing comic book series. That’s a lot to brag about for the new kid on the block. This issue marks the end of the first arc exploring the wonder years of Kanan and has paved the way for us to catch up to him as an adult. Issue #6 looks pretty great too and will be set during the REBELS era. Something to look forward too.

old man logan 5

OLD MAN LOGAN, Marvel / Art by Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo

5. OLD MAN LOGAN #4 / Marvel Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis / Art by Andrea Sorrentino

And just when you though Wolverine was dead he comes back with a vengeance in more ways than one. One of those ways is OLD MAN LOGAN, a continuation the the very popular mini-series of the same name. Ok, so a version of Logan is dead, but who needs him when we have the old ass version!? Am I right!? Logan as an old man is just more fun. Maybe now he can leave Cyclops and Jean Grey alone already. Step aside gramps. That said, OLD MAN LOGAN is a rollercoaster of a rise full of gore, adventure, and some familiar faces along the way. Did I mention every panel of  Sorrentino’s art is simply beautiful? Well it is.

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