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I’m a shameless fan of The CW and am having a blast watching every show in their DC lineup as well as one of my favorite shows of all time SUPERNATURAL. Sure I may be a few years above their target audience, but damn I can’t help but loving these characters.

The CW recently announced that it will be officially renewing renewing the following DC Universe shows: THE FLASH (Season 4), ARROW (Season 6), LEGENDS OF TOMORROW (Season 3), SUPERGIRL (Season 3). Ok, cool. FLASH is still going strong, ARROW may be stretching a bit but remains entertaining, LEGENDS is my least favorite of the bunch but I do enjoy exploring the DC universe with this rag tag gang of meatballs, and SUPERGIRL continues to impress with a much more enjoyable Season 2 so hopefully it can maintain it’s current momentum into another season.

Jason Furie + Matt DeLight Talk DC on The CW

The CW also announced that CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND (Season 3), JANE THE VIRGIN (Season 4), and SUPERNATURAL (Season 13) will all be continuing as well. And hot damn, can you believe the Winchester brothers will be decapitation evil heading into their 13th season! Wow that’s a long ass time!

I can see why DC shows on The CW will likely continue forever since their worlds are all now connected, but SUPERNATURAL heading into the teens is nuts! While I do love the show, I wonder what it would have been like if it tightly wrapped up after 5 or so seasons? I kind of prefer smaller tighter series runs for shows I like over the “we will cancel it when nobody is watching anymore” approach. Whatever, I’m just ranting now, I’ll take all the Sam and Dean I can get as the carry on!