Art By Freddie E. Williams II, DC Comics/IDW Publishing

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!  Can my inner 8-year old be squealing any louder with fanboy delight about this news?!

At a San Diego Comic-Con panel on Friday, DC Comics and IDW Publishing gave a joint presentation announcing a 6-issue crossover of the Dark Knight and the Heroes in a Half-Shell in November tentatively titled BATMAN/TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES.  James Tynion IV (BATMAN ETERNAL) will be handling writing duties while Freddie E. Williams II (ROBIN, JSA ALL-STARS) will handle cover and book artwork (with a variant cover or two from TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman).

According to the story’s description, the evil Krang plans to get rid of both those meddlesome Turtles and rival Shredder by transporting them to an alternate dimension that just happens to be home to Gotham City and its famous nocturnal protector.  Both the Green Machine and the Caped Crusader have a tough road ahead of them to return everyone to their proper place and time as they must not only fight against familiar TMNT enemies, but also Batman’s assorted Rogues Gallery.

Being both a die-hard Batman and Turtle fan, I am extremely excited for this news!  I actually really enjoyed the TMNT/GHOSTBUSTERS crossover IDW put out a few months back and this announcement is exactly the kind of superhero team-up I have been envisioning since I was a little kid pitting my Batman and TMNT action figures against one another.  Just imagine the possibilities: Batman and Donatello joining forces to put their scientific know-how to the ultimate test!  Leonardo and Batman facing off to see who is the more proficient and disciplined warrior!  Hot-head Raphael resisting the urge to run the Joker through with his sai!  Party dude Michelangelo sending Alfred Pennyworth out on a never-ending pizza run!

Out of all the announcements to come out of SDCC, this by far was the most unexpected…but, without a doubt, the most welcome.  Make mine Turtle/Bat Power Forever!

What say all of you?  Is the idea of a Batman/TMNT crossover awesome or not?  Sound off below!