Alright it’s time to fess up. I’ve only ever completed the very first RATCHET & CLANK adventure for the PLAYSTATION 2. I have dabbled with a few of the PS2 sequels and briefly played around with the newer PLAYSTATION 3 iterations. I love them, but am a completionist and must beat them all in order before buying and completing any of the newer sequels. I’m not sure why you would care about all that tho. That said,  I do consider myself a fan of the RATCHET & CLANK series and consider it to be a wonderfully creative platformer and action series and I fully intend on beating all the main console entries in the series. Ya know, when I find the time…

So to add salt to my guilt wound for not playing and beating all the games before it, INSOMNIAC GAMES is at it again with the newest installment in the series titled RATCHET & CLANK: INTO THE NEXUS. And yes, I really want to play this one, but fear it will be awhile before I can get my hands on it seeing how I at least need to beat 4 games before I get to this one. Check out the official announcement trailer below provided by the Official Playstation Youtube channel.


It looks like the series is returning to its roots and will focus on being an old school action platformer in the vein of the originals that were on the PLAYSTATION 2. The past few games in the series (ALL 4 ONE and FULL FRONTAL ASSAULT) focused on multiplayer and cooperative play whereas NEXUS will be all about the single player adventure! That’s what I like to hear!

RATCHET & CLANK: INTO THE NEXUS will be available exclusively for the PLAYSTATION 3 sometime this Fall (no exact date revealed just yet). Players will be able to download the full game via the Playstation Store or purchase a hard copy at their local retailer for the low price of $29.99. Sounds good to me, especially since this game will likely be $5 by the time I get around to it. Looks like I’m going to start the second RATCHET game now because I want to get that much closer to this one.