Good news for all those Nintendo fans out there who held out on buying the new 3DS system due to a crap software lineup. I am one of those people. Nintendo has officially announced that the Nintendo 3DS  will drop from $250 to a more realistic $169.99 price tag. The price cut will take effect starting on August 12th 2011. That’s just 2 weeks away! 

I still say that a system is only as good as its games and the 3DS just does not interest me at all right now. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Nintendo as a brand. It’s just that it seems like the only games getting any real attention are glorified remakes. Booooooring! Been there, done that. Bring on the real games and I may change my mind. Where is my original MARIO game, my awesome new LEGEND OF ZELDA adventure, My kick ass METROID, or that SUPER SMASH BROS. sequel you keep squealing about that I have NEVER even seen a single screenshot for? And what about original third party games that utilize the system’s features in new and exciting ways? I simply do not see those games. Instead we get a bunch of remakes and cute games for children. I hate to rant but come on Nintendo! You want to sell systems? Then give us the games we want. Plain and simple.

So while this new price tag is tempting, it does not change the fact that I am broke and do not have any games to look forward to on this system yet. I WILL buy a 3DS someday because I am a huge nerd, but I need to see the games I want first. This is a step in the right direction Nintendo, but just not good enough for a gamer who likes to play good games on the system he buys.

P.S. 3D blows and needs to go away forever. That goes for Video Games and Movies alike.