Jason Furie | Editor-In-Chief + Contributing Artist

I love to write, draw, and create sketch comedy videos. Tom Cruise is my favorite actor by far, Cyclops from the X-Men is the coolest, the Berserk manga and anime kicks ass, and nothing beats a good Zelda adventure. If I could have one wish, it would be for Falcor from The Neverending Story to whisk me away to paradise.

Check out Jason Furie’s art website HERE

Check out Jason Furie’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE


Katie Bacigalupi | Contributing Artist

I like drawing, creatures, being a vegetarian, living in the Bay Area, watching scary crime TV, Stella Artois, playing games of all sorts, peas, all things Star Wars (especially Bib Fortuna), my two cats, Etsy, Disneyland, being small, and most important: THIS and I hate UB40.

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Adam Roth | Contributing Artist

Adam Roth is an illustrator currently living in Los Angeles. He draws (zing!) inspiration from outer space, nighttime, birth, death, and action figures.

Check out Adam Roth’s art website HERE

Check out Adam Roth’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE



Ruel Brown | Contributing Artist

Place of birth, Eastern Canada. Place of Residence, San Francisco.

6’4″ mustachioed Sculptor and Illustrator. Always looking to Draw, Collage, taking in a good movie and until recently, searching for true love.

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Sergio Zuniga | Contributing Artist

I like to draw. I like to drink beer.

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JJ Harrison | Contributing Artist

JJ lives in the smokey mountains of Utah with his wife, 2 kids, a life-sized stormtrooper, a 4 foot tall robot, 3 fish, and a lot of toys.

Check out JJ Harrison’s art website HERE

Check out JJ Harrison’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE



Victor Cayro (Bald Eagles) | Contributing Artist

Is a regular Jo-Blo Americano dirty blue collar midwestern comic artist, musician, and whatever else.

Check out Bald Eagle’s art website HERE

Check out Bald Eagle’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE



Mike McG | Associate Editor + Contributing Artist

Music, comics, movies, art & everything in-between are my hobbies.  Batman’s my all-time favorite character, BEOWULF is my all-time favorite book, I’ve got 7 guitars cluttering my apartment and I was in THE BOURNE LEGACY for 0.5 seconds. Oh, and on a good day, I can bench 205…just saying…um…

Check out Mike McG’s art website HERE

Check out Mike McG’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE


Rick Lucey | Contributing Artist

rick-lucey-nerd-artistRick Lucey is a San Francisco based illustrator/cartoonist. He has worked in different types of visual media from video games to TV broadcasting as both a staff artist and a contractor at various companies. Of late Rick has been doing storyboarding, character designs, comic book art, and illustrations among other things. He keeps a busy schedule in the San Francisco Bay Area with various art related groups/events and is always striving to improve his skills in the visual arts field.

Check out Rick Lucey’s art website HERE

Check out Rick Lucey’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE


Matt Delight | Contributing Writer + Contributing Artist

matt-delight-nerd-artistMatt Delight is an artist, illustrator, writer, podcaster, etc. etc. etc. living in the Bagdad on the bay, San Francisco. He likes pizza and bourbon. (In no particular order) He pukes too much, but is otherwise a stand up cat.

Check out Matt Delight’s art website HERE

Check out Matt Delight’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE



Derek Hansen | Contributing Writer + Contributing Artist

derek-hansen-nerd-writerNugneH! Derek here! Academy of Art University grad, have my BFA in 3D animation and VFX. Live in the bay area. Huge Star Trek and Star Wars fan, I’m a big gamer, love comics, movies, long walks on the beach, pressing flowers …… cough I mean working out and bro stuff. I also enjoy biking, photography, and drawing.

Check out Derek Hansen’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE



Johnny Ryan | Contributing Artist

portraitJohnny Ryan draws the comic book ‘Prison Pit’ and lives in Los Angeles.

Check out Johnny Ryan’s art website HERE

Check out Johnny Ryan’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE



Edwin Vazquez | Contributing Artist

attachmentEdwin Vazquez is easily recognized for his unique scratchboard art seen in ‘The Werewolf of NYC’ comic book. He currently lives in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen.

Check out Edwin Vasquez’s art website HERE

Check out Edwin Vazquez’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE



Dallis Willard | Contributing Artist

dallis_june2012_1(72)Dallis Willard is a San Francisco based photographer. He is primarily interested in documenting rock and roll, youth culture, open wounds, and house fires. His interests include fireworks, taco salads, Geometry Wars, Japanther, and you.

Check out Dallis Willard’s art website HERE

Check out Dallis Willard’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE



Donia| Contributing Artist

smlNERDDonia is an art geek from Orlando, FL who recently migrated to San Francisco. When not stalking the art elite at galleries, she spends entirely too much time watching cartoons, drawing pretty pictures, drinking mimosas, and hanging out with her cat, Captain Evelyn Baker.

Check out Donia’s art website HERE

Check out Donia’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE


Cole Ott| Contributing Artist

cole-ott-nerdCole Ott lives in San Francisco, draws goofy pictures, listens to a lot of music, and eats absurd amounts of Brussels sprouts.

Check out Cole Ott’s art website HERE

Check out Cole Ott’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE



Nigel Sussman| Contributing Artist

nigel-sussman-nerdHi. My name is Nigel. I draw all the time, but take many breaks for eating good food, cooking, listening to and playing music, painting, designing, and hiking around San Francisco and beyond. I grew up in Maryland, but drove to California to pursue an illustration BA from California College of the Arts and never looked back. My current work is intricate and whimsical and reflects my love for food, animals, and the complexity of elaborate machines and urban environments.

Check out Nigel Sussman’s art website HERE

Check out Nigel Sussman’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE


François Vigneault| Contributing Artist

francois-vigneault-nerdFrançois Vigneault is the creator of the comic series Titan, a founder of the publishers collective Press Gang, and an editor at Scout Books.

Check out François Vigneault’s art website HERE

Check out François Vigneault’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE



Adam Cahoon| Contributing Artist

adam-cahoon-nerdAdam Cahoon has recently had some cosmetic work done.  He had a second mouth added to make for a more normal mouth-to-beard ratio.  …also he had his eyes converted to HD.  If they look bigger than normal it’s only because this drawing of him has just realized it can see you looking at it.

Check out Adam Cahoon’s art website HERE

Check out Adam Cahoon’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE


Niraj Patil| Contributing Artist

Niraj-Patil-nerdWhen I die, people will ask, “What was Niraj Patil like?” Some will say he was a lover was fine heavy metal. Others will say he was lover of fine women. All these would be true. But more importantly, people would remember Niraj Patil as a lover of fine art.

Check out Niraj Patil’s art website HERE

Check out Niraj Patil’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE



Jean Chen | Contributing Writer + Contributing Artist

Jean-Chen-NerdI’m a nerd. And sometimes I wish Spider-Man was real because really, don’t we all need someone to save the day?

Check out Jean Chen’s art website HERE

Check out Jean Chen’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE



Alex Barrett | Contributing Artist

alexander-barrett-nerd-artistBorn in the 80’s, forged in the 90’s; Alex Barrett is the illustrator and cartoonist with a mint 1990 Technodrome.

Check out Alexander Barrett’s art website HERE

Check out Alex Barrett’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE



Justin Herbst | Contributing Artist

justin-herbst-nerdMy work tends to be more on the aggressive end. It used to make me a little uneasy, but through growing up I have learned to embrace it.  At the same time it is very cathartic for me, so I feel that what I am doing somehow helps me balance out. I have also been fascinated with cartoons and graffiti for as long as I can remember, so I have definitely taken from those elements in my life as well.

Check out Justin Herbst’s art website HERE

Check out Justin Herbst’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE


Vincent Kukua | Contributing Artist


I am a production artist for various publishers by day, and work on my own comics and illustration work with all the rest of my time. I draw weird monsters, big robots, and super-folks for fun and profit and so far I’m loving every minute of it.

Check out Vincent Kukua’s art website HERE

Check out Vincent Kukua’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE



John Williams | Contributing Artist


Super Ugly once stopped a runaway hot dog cart with his mind. Super Ugly invented the phrase “Brown before serving”. Super Ugly has never rewound before returning. Super ugly spares no expense, on himself. Super Ugly once threw a bee at an enemy. Super Ugly loves cuddling, but hates physical contact. Super Ugly lives on the mass of plastic floating in the ocean. Super Ugly is an artist. Super Ugly is a rapper. Super Ugly is a podcaster.

Check out John Williams’ art website HERE

Check out John Williams’ Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE


Evan Dent | Contributing Artist

Evan Dent was born and raised in the Nevada desert. He received his B.F.A. from the University of Nevada, Reno and his M.F.A. from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Evan currently works and teaches drawing and painting in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He doesn’t own any clothes without paint stains on them, and dreams of one day becoming a hermit.

Check out Evan Dent’s art website HERE

Check out Evan Dent’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE


Katherine Lachance (Kitty Rouge) | Contributing Artist

Bio Pic 2-01

Kitty Rouge is a fashion graphic designer by day; aspiring illustrator by night. Based in Montreal, Canada she seeks inspiration anywhere she can find it. A night owl fuelled by coffee with a passion for movies, art, design & illustrations. Kitty Rouge also loves sandwiches, long naps and a stiff gin tonic.

Check out Kitty Rouge’s art website HERE

Check out Kitty Rouge’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE


Duke Yanagi | Contributing Artist

Duke Bio Pic

I love pen sketching and trying to understand the illusion of life.  A freelance illustrator and also an aspiring 3D character animator looking to get my foot in the door. Nerd of all sorts. Nintendo nerd, Marvel/DC nerd, Zelda nerd, Capcom nerd, Disney nerd, etc, etc.

Check out Duke Yanagi’s art website HERE

Check out Duke Yanagi’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE (coming Soon)



Diego Gomez | Contributing Artist


Diego Gomez is the native San Franciscan artist that created the panel discussion “Homo Superior: Queering Comics, Costumes as Drag & Gender Equality” at Stan Lee’s ComikazeExpo. Made the SF Bay Guardian’s “Hot Pink List” as one of the top queer artists in the SF Bay, illustrated “The Hung Tranny Ex-Men” reimagining the X-Men in gender flexible fashions, Co-curated “Queering Mythologies” for the National Queer Arts Festival as a performative fundraiser for their comic book re-telling of the Ancient Greek myth of Narcissus and also co-illustrated Glamazonia: The Uncanny Super Tranny!

Check out Diego Gomez’s art website HERE

Check out Diego Gomez’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE (coming Soon)


Matt Dean | Contributing Artist

matt-dean-nerdMatt Dean is a muralist and illustrator.  After getting his BFA in Illustration, he studied abroad in Italy and worked on murals all over New England, some as large as 450ft long. In between murals he is always creating illustrations, paintings, and selling artwork for commissions and collections. He’s always been inspired by graffiti, street art, superheroes, the human figure, movies, and a good dumpster dive.

Check out Matt Dean’s art website HERE

Check out Matt Dean’s Never Ending Radical Dude art HERE (coming Soon)