NETFLIX’s IRON FIST Gets a New and Pretty Amazing Trailer!

Posted February 13, 2017 by Jason Furie in TV

We’ve seen a couple teases for NETFLIX’s upcoming IRON FIST here and there, but never anything with this much meat on its bones. While I’ve definitely been looking forward to IRON FIST, I’m 100% sold now. This looks pretty damn great. Sure it smells a little bit like what we’ve seen on The CW’s ARROW, but I have a feeling being on Netflix and being a part of the grander Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to give it an edge.

Finally we are about to wrap up all the individual character seasons heading towards THE DEFENDERS mini-series. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage are all ready to welcome Danny Rand, The Iron Fist, into the mix. I absolutely can not wait until wee see all four of those heroes on the screen together. Wonder if The Punisher and his solo series will play any role in THE DEFENDERS? Possibly considering how popular his character has been on DAREDEVIL. Until we find out, a full season of IRON FIST will do just fine.

IRON FIST drop kicks all episodes on Netflix on March 17th 2017!

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