Check it out: NINTENDO SWITCH PRESENTATION 2017 Impressions

You had me at new SUPER MARIO game…

During the recent NINTENDO SWITCH Presentation, it was revealed that Nintendo’s favorite mascot will be going on a brand new adventure on the NINTENDO SWITCH.

While SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY isn’t due out until “Holiday 2017”, it looks to be pretty far along in the development process if the above trailer is any indication. ODYSSEY looks like a pretty weird entry in the franchise exploring new worlds utilizing new moves and abilities including manipulating a living hat with eyes. Classic Nintendo.

I admit it was pretty jarring seeing Mario romping around “New Donk City” which looks a whole hell of a lot like New York City. There are even “realistic” humans walking around that don’t look anything like Mario. Eww. It’s weird, but I have a feeling New Donk is just one stop amidst many on this new adventure as we saw plenty more locals including deserts, forests, and some kind of colorful food land. Again, classic Nintendo.

That all said, this looks amazingly creative and fun and will give early adopters to the NINTENDO SWITCH something to brag about.

Keep an eye out for SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY as it’s set to hit the NINTENDO SWITCH Holiday 2017! Yaaaaahooooo!