ALIEN: COVENANT Poster and Official Release Date Announced!

Posted November 29, 2016 by Jason Furie in Movies

ALIEN: COVENANT / 20th Century Fox

Great news for fans of the ALIENS franchise. 20th Century Fox just released a spectacular poster for their upcoming PROMETHEUS sequel ALIEN: COVENANT which reveals an official release date of May 19th 2017. Can’t come soon enough.

Director Ridley Scott returns with star Michael Fassbender returning as David 8. And I’m going to use this opportunity to say that I absolutely adore the ALIENS franchise and am a PROMETHEUS sympathizer. I’ll never know why that movie didn’t connect more with audiences. If you think I’m full of bologna, read my PROMETHEUS review to see why I loved it so much. Anyone else think if PROMETHEUS wan’t attached to the ALIENS universe that people would have liked it more? Maybe, maybe not.

In any case, the above poster is rock solid showcasing our favorite alien breed the Xenomorph. I hear thay are called Neomorphs in this film. Is that cool? Either way, I’m so excited for this new entry. David 8 + Xenomorphs = awesome! And word on the street is this will have a hard R rating as it’s inching back towards its horror film roots.Fine by me!

Hopefully a teaser trailer will drop sooner than later as we ALIEN: COVENANT is fast approaching on May 19th 2017.

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