A lot of gamers out there, myself included, get so caught up in the heated Sony vs. Microsoft home console battle that it’s easy to forget about good old Nintendo. Nothing beats a first party Nintendo game. They play the “nostalgia card” often and it works every time. I’ve always respected how close they live to their roots, how extremely innovative they are, and how they focus on gameplay above all. The Wii U has housed so many fantastic games over the years and it’s so damn great to finally have all these iconic characters romping around in full HD.

Which brings us to Nintendo’s latest game, PAPER MARIO: COLOR SPLASH, which looks absolutely bananas. Not counting MARIO RPG, I’ve kept up with home console PAPER MARIO games admittedly avoiding the handheld additions because there are just so many. But COLOR SPLASH looks like something not to be missed.

Ignoring that horrible voiceover, the above trailer really gets me excited about this new game. It looks gorgeous, hits all the right nostalgic notes, and simply looks fun. A welcome vacation from games like DESTINY, CALL OF DUTY, and HALO. Not that those are bad choices, but life is about balance after all right?

PAPER MARIO: COLOR SPLASH lands October 7th 2016