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It has been years since AMERICAN GODS was optioned by HBO, and after several hand offs and false starts it has finally found a home at Starz. With Bryan Fuller (TV’s HANNIBAL) as showrunner and Ricky Whittle (TV’s THE 100) and Ian McShane (TV’s RAY DONOVAN) as principles, I think it is safe to say we are in for one hell of a ride.  For those unfamiliar with the premise, it centers around a man named Shadow, ex con who gets mixed up in a conflict between old gods and new gods as they struggle for dominance in this faith starved new world.  The first trailer dropped at San Diego Comic Con, and it looks amazing:

The tone feels perfect, the visuals look slick, and a wide array of the cast is on display giving fans of the book their first glimpse at some of their favorite idiosyncratic gods.  Also, those who have read the book will be pleased to see the coin tricks and the ifrit in the diner, which will no doubt give reassurance that they are paying attention to important details and are going to tell much more than just the linear main story from the novel.  The show drops next year and I’m already on the edge of my seat with excitement for it.

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