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Link vs. Cloud…nuff said.

While I would love to end the post there, I figure I have some explaining to do. During Nintendo’s latest “Nintendo Direct” presentation, they announced the newest brawler to head towards SUPER SMASH BROS. for the WiiU and 3DS to be none other than FINAL FANTASY VII’s main hero Cloud Strife. This is pretty damn epic and a wonderful choice to add to the game ensuring fans will completely loose their collective shit. Check out the announcement video.

So yes, this is actually happening. And by the looks of this video it seems that Square/Enix made sure that if Cloud were to be included that he would be a complete bad ass decimating the competition on the battlefield. He looks like such a powerhouse! Even the levels themselves were crumbling! We will also be getting a Midgar themed level and some cute Chocobo skins for your customer characters. And was that an alternate costume from ADVENT CHILDREN I saw in there!? So cool.

No release date for the FINAL FANTASY VII content was announced just yet, but Nintendo assured more details are to come sometime in December. Now if we could get Solid Snake back in action and add Banjo-Kazooie all would be well with the world.

Stay tuned for more SUPER SMASH BROS. announcements on December 15th when Nintendo will have a special SUPER SMASH BROS. Nintendo Direct presentation.

Below is November’s full “Nintendo Direct” video for those interested.