This is the calm before the storm people…

Today, Disney/Lucasfilm released the official STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS movie poster (above) that you will be seeing at your local theatre. It’s kind of perfect. There’s the majority of the cast, lightsabers, space battles, and something that looks an awful lot like another Death Star. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me for a third time, why are they making another one of these things that the Rebels have blown to shit twice! Know what I mean!? Anyways, it all looks beautifully stunning in a classic STAR WARS kind of way. But where’s Luke Skywalker! His absence make me frown. I want to see what Luke looks like in this film already! Is he Kylo Ren and we’ve just been fooled all along? Has he succumbed to the dark side? Maybe.

As for the official trailer, IT’S COMING TOMORROW! Yes, we finally get a full-on trailer premiering tomorrow during the ESPN Monday Night football halftime commercial break. The game starts at 5:15pm PST so no exact time can be confirmed. It will likely drop online shortly after so you don’t actually have to watch football…phew!

And tickets go on sale immediately after the trailer premieres tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up Disney, I can’t call off work with such short notice! Hopefully we can all just buy online. I’m curious if it will premiere on Thursday the 17th around 7-8pm like a lot of movies have recently OR if we will have to wait until 12:01 proper like we did with the prequels. I guess we will find out tomorrow. I’m going to be a nervous wreak at work while this is going on…

There you have it folks…a poster to gnaw on before tomorrow’s trailer and ticket sales extravaganza.

Like I said…the calm before the storm. Good luck everybody. Check back tomorrow for the trailer!