Krysten Ritter,

Here we go!

As production of Netflix’s DAREDEVIL mini-series continues to roll along, we have finally received word on who will play the MCU’s version of Jessica Jones in the JESSICA JONES/ALIAS Netflix exclusive miniseries.  Krysten Ritter (BREAKING BAD) will be taking on the role of the former superhero turned private investigator.

The story of JESSICA JONES will have to be changed to properly fit Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, but, the basic gist of Jessica is that she received her powers in the traditional way (asteroid? toxic waste?  radioactive alien spider bite?) and promptly became a tight wearing member of the super hero community.  After become a mindless slave at the mercy of an evil mind controlling villain, Jessica decides to hang up the tights and walk among the ‘normals’ of the Marvel Universe.  Created by Brian Michael Bendis, the story of JESSICA JONES has offered a unique perspective on the super hero world.  She showed a darker side to the heroic antics and the psychological ramifications it can have on regular people.  The feel of the ALIAS comic was dark and grimy and showed the world of those on the ground floor looking up. It’s also interesting to have a comic book tv show about a character who only gets interesting after she quits being a super hero.

We are still in the very early stages of the process, but, I’m extremely excited to get a feel of Marvel’s direct to Netflix universe.  Set in the same world as AGENTS OF SHIELD and the AVENGERS, JESSICA JONES is the second in a series of direct to Netflix mini-series Marvel is in the process of creating. (For more on that, check this out!) Next in line would be the LUKE CAGE mini series and the rumor mill is already pointing at Mike Colter (THE FOLLOWING) to take on that role.  Also, there’s word that Luke will be making his appearance on JESSICA JONES before moving into his own show.  In the comics, the two are married with a little girl. I can’t wait to see how JESSICA JONES, LUKE CAGE, DAREDEVIL and IRON FIST all converge into the DEFENDERS mini series.  Wait, does this mean we’re going to see Benedict Cumberbatch as STRANGE before his movie??

All episodes of Neflix’s DAREDEVIL are set to release in May 2015.