Look Out! It’s the GODZILLA Teaser Trailer!

Posted December 11, 2013 by Mike McG in Movies

Legendary Pictures/Toho/Warner Bros.

Heads up, all of you PACIFIC RIM Kaiju!  The original King of the Monsters is set to teach y’all a thing or two about city smashing this summer with the latest Americanized reboot of the GODZILLA franchise!  Check out the teaser trailer below:


Holy crap, that’s a lot of destruction!  I really hope that this film lives up to its grand scale and is able to wash out the bad taste left by the 1998 remake starring friggin’ Ferris Bueller.  It should help that Big G’s supporting cast is made up of very talented actors like Aaron Taylor-Johnson (KICK-ASS 2), Bryan Cranston (BREAKING BAD), Elizabeth Olsen (OLDBOY) and Ken Watanabe (INCEPTION) that I believe will provide the sympathetic human touch needed amongst all the collapsing buildings and monstrous bellows.

Can’t wait to see the King in all his glory when GODZILLA crashes into theaters May 16, 2014!

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    An important note to make, when talking about Godzilla films, is how Toho was not attached to the 1998 version. They never even recognized the monster in that movie as Godzilla, but instead, referred to it as “Zilla.” The blatant disregard for Zilla’s legitimacy was made quite obvious in 2004’s final Godzilla installment, GODZILLA: FINAL WARS, in which the real Godzilla defeats Zilla, quite easily. After FINAL WARS, Toho retired the King of Monsters for 10 years, only to bring him out of retirement, officially– in a joint effort with Legendary Pictures.

    See Godzilla bring the hammer down on Zilla, here:



    Watch MONSTERS which is the film that got Gareth Edwards this directing gig.

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