This week Marvel has officially announced that all Marvel Universe comic book titles will be available digitally on the same day as they are released in print form on store shelves. This means that you will be able to download the digital comic either from the Marvel Website or the Marvel Comic app. store on devices such as an iphone, ipod and/or ipad instead of buying a hard copy. Marvel says that by the end of March 2012, all of the Marvel Universe titles will be available for same day digital download. The only exceptions are third-party licensed works including Stephen King’s THE STAND series and Marvel’s MAX series that is geared to an older audience due to its more mature content.

DC comics has already made this step and it’s about time Marvel followed suit. I am personally a much larger fan of Marvel Comics, especially X-Men, and am anxious to see if digital downloads are a worthy alternative for myself. It’s going to be hard to convince me because I love collecting single issues and trade paperback copies of my favorite titles. While i doubt I will make the transition unless I am forced too, it is good to see Marvel offering up its content digitally same day as an option.

Also, don’t forget that right now is the perfect time to jump on board with current X-Men titles due to the entire lineup getting a refresh and new story arcs. If you are interested and want the perfect issue to start reading, check out X-MEN #20, X-MEN: LEGACY #259, UNCANNY X-MEN #1, WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #1, UNCANNY X-FORCE #19, X-FACTOR #230, NEW MUTANTS #33, and/or GENERATION HOPE #13. All of those titles mentioned are either out now or will be by the end of December 2011. Fun stuff!

No details on pricing has been announced just yet. Stay tunes to NERD for details as they emerge. OPTIC BLAST!!