Nintendo will be releasing SUPER MARIO ALL-STARS LIMITED EDITION for the Nintendo Wii in celebration of Mario’s 25th Anniversary. The games found on this disc include SUPER MARIO BROS., SUPER MARIO BROS. 2, SUPER MARIO BROS. 3, and SUPER MARIO BROS.: THE LOST LEVELS (originally Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan). All 4 games included will feature the enhanced 16-bit graphics and sound found on the original Super Nintendo MARIO ALL-STARS COLLECTION. Also included in this collection is a 32-page booklet recapping the history of Mario from 1985-2010 and includes interviews, behind-the-scenes details and even some rare concept sketches (some by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto himself!). If all that was not enough, there is also a Soundtrack included that has all those wonderful tunes that have been stuck in our heads since we were children spanning all 25 years of Mario from SUPER MARIO BROS. to SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2.

Nintendo says this is a “Limited” run so if you are a collector I suggest you pre-order this one or buy it within the first few months of release. The collection is only going to run you $29.99 and considering all the fantastic goodies included, I’d say that is well worth your hard earned coins. While I still own all the original NES copies of these Mario games AND the original SNES version of SUPER MARIO ALL-STARS, I still think this will be a wonderful collectors item to own and place in my collection. More casual gamers that own a Wii may want to just buy the originals on the Wii’s Virtual Console (a virtual marketplace to buy old video games) seeing how you can purchase all 4 of the games included in this collection for just over 20 bucks.

SUPER MARIO ALL-STARS LIMITED EDITION comes our December 12th 2010.